For any of the below, you are welcome to call us for more information.

  1. Audioquest Record Brush - £20 Essential kit for your turntable set up, whether you have an entry level Rega or the top end Linn! https://shop.grahams.co.uk/products/audioquest-record-brush
  2. Chord Clearway 2RCA-2RCA (£130 for 1m pair) – These are a great upgrade for anyone still using the very cheap interconnects that came with your equipment. https://shop.grahams.co.uk/products/clearway-analogue-rca?variant=28605131848
  3. FiiO BTA 30 Pro Bluetooth Transmitter/Receiver & DAC (£120) – Fantastically useful, high quality and great value for money!  This Bluetooth DAC can improve basic streaming of music into your system from a portable device, TV audio into your hi-fi or get audio OUT of your hi-fi to your Bluetooth headphones!
  4. Sennheiser Momentum 4 Headphones (£309) – High performance Bluetooth headphones from Sennheiser, upgrade from your basic ones or take a step into wireless audio and see how good it can be.
  5. Rega IO Amplifier (£420) – Rega’s tiny little Io amplifier is the perfect starter amplifier, especially for the budding turntable enthusiast in your household with a turntable input and surprising subtlety. https://shop.grahams.co.uk/products/io-integrated-amplifier
  6. NuPrime WR-2 Streamer (£550) – This tiny streamer, Bluetooth receiver and DAC will give you a nice lift in performance and functionality for a single room over a system like Sonos.  Pair it with the equally tiny STA-100 power amp (£650) and some speakers for the smallest system you may have seen!
  7. FiiO M11 ESS Portable Player (£650) – If you feel like taking your portable audio more seriously FiiO have been offering high performance Android-based portable digital music players for some time and the quality is undeniable, whether played through headphones or even a larger system. https://shop.grahams.co.uk/collections/sources/products/m11-plus-music-player
  8. Naim Mu-So QB2 (£699) – The Naim Mu-So QB2 is a single box music system that is far greater than the sum of its parts.  Streaming, Internet Radio, Bluetooth, Airplay, digital and analogue inputs, great looks, and superlative performance.  It’s also £100 on promotion with a saving for a limited time. https://shop.grahams.co.uk/products/naim-audio-muso-qb
  9. Creek 4040A Amplifier (£799) – Reviewed earlier in this newsletter what more can we say?  It’s a small amplifier with a lot of inputs, drive and performance. Your office never sounded so good. https://www.grahams.co.uk/blog/posts/creek-4040-anniversary/
  10. Planar 3 Anniversary Edition Turntable (£899) – The 50th Anniversary edition of one of the most iconic turntables in the world. This includes a special edition finish, better belt and the separate power supply for only £19 more than the standard version. The last units will be gone very soon! https://www.grahams.co.uk/blog/posts/rega-50th-anniversary/
  11. Tellurium Q Black 2 speaker cable (£59.50/metre inc. terminations, for example a 3m pair £357) – If you haven’t changed your speaker cable since you purchased your first system, you can make a surprising and welcome improvement with this cable.  Open and highly musical, it’s also very flat making easy running much simpler. https://shop.grahams.co.uk/collections/cables/products/tellurium-q-black-ii-speaker-cable
  12. Qobuz Studio (£129/year) – Give the gift of music this year.  We always mention to clients about the Qobuz streaming service and how much we like it. Even if you don’t have a streaming system, you can use this on your phone, tablet or PC and get millions of tracks in CD quality and High Resolution. Use www.qob.uz/grahams to try it for 60 days with access to their High Resolution content, going beyond CD quality where available. For those who enjoy purchasing music downloads, Sublime offers reductions on purchasing Hi-Res downloads, at £179 per year.