We are excited to introduce the new Rega Planar 3 50th anniversary edition turntable.  1973 was a special year; it was the year when three of the most famous British manufacturers, Linn Products, Naim Audio and Rega Research were founded and Grahams was amongst the first retailers to represent them.

Planar 3 with Walnut Effect plinth, Smoked dust cover and Neo Power Supply

Although Rega now manufacture a large range of hi-fi products including amplifiers, CD players, phono stages and loudspeakers, they are most famous for their turntables in general, and the iconic Planar 3 in particular.  Rega started by making a few turntables for friends and has now grown into multi million-pound audio engineering company making world-class, award-winning hi-fi products that are built by hand in their purpose-built 38,000 square foot facility in Southend-on-Sea.  Unusually, Rega not only make turntables, but they also make their own tonearms and cartridges.


Rega have chosen to celebrate their 50th anniversary with a very special edition of the legendary Rega Planar 3.  The differences between the anniversary edition and the standard Rega Planar 3 with the Exact cartridge fitted, are that it comes in a new walnut effect finish and includes the drive pulley from the Planar 6 for use with a dedicated external Neo turntable PSU Mk2.  The drive belt supplied is the Reference EBLT and it comes with a smoked dust cover and a custom aluminium 50th anniversary badge on both plinth and lid. The regular Planar 3 with Exact cartridge is currently retailing at £880 and the 50th Anniversary edition is at the amazing price of £899, especially considering that the bundled Neo Power Supply is a £260 optional extra alone. The key features are listed below:-                                                   
•    Walnut Effect plinth with custom aluminium badge
•    RB330 Precision tonearm
•    Exact MM cartridge factory fitted
•    Neo turntable PSU MK2 included
•    24 V low noise, low vibration motor, hand tuned to the custom Neo PSU Mk2.
•    Double brace technology
•    12 mm float glass opti-white polished platter
•    CNC machined Planar 6 drive pulley for use with the Neo PSU.
•    Supplied with a smoked dust cover as standard.
•    Reference EBLT drive belt fitted as standard
•    Anniversary Special Edition only available to buy during 2023
•    Lifetime warranty against manufacture defects

Here's a video of us unboxing our demonstration unit!


Congratulations to Rega for producing the Planar 3 50th anniversary edition turntable to celebrate their anniversary in style.  Over to you Linn and Naim…

Rega have just announced the Planar 1 ‘Eco Deck’ and 1 Plus 'Eco Deck', made from parts with cosmetic blemishes that would not meet the exacting standards of a brand new Planar 1 or Planar 1 Plus.  Rega have always tried to minimise waste and avoid parts going to landfill and this is where Rega Green Grade comes in.  The blemishes will not affect the performance of the turntable in any way.
The Planar 1 Eco Deck, when available comes in a gloss black, gloss white or gloss red finish.  The price is £199, as opposed to £299 for the standard model.  The Planar 1 Plus Eco Deck is available in gloss black and gloss white.  The price is £229, a huge saving on the £385 for the standard model.
You can see the complete information from the Rega themselves here: https://www.rega.co.uk/news/item/save-money-and-the-planet-with-rega-green-grade-products.

Rega now offers their Planar 6, Planar 8 and Planar 10 turntables in a white matt finish. More information is available from their website here: https://www.rega.co.uk/news/item/new-matt-white-finish-available-for-the-planar-6-planar-8-and-planar-10