Multi-Room Audio and Video

Our Expertise

Providing easy access to music, movies, TV and digital media from any room in your home.

Transform the way you and your family experience music at home forever. 

With hundreds of devices and apps to stream music online and download songs, there is more opportunity than ever for you to listen to your favourite music at home. How you go about it is what makes the real difference.

Grahams' integrated multi-room audio and video systems give you and your family the ability to access music and movies, as well as photos and CCTV images from any room in your home. You're no longer committed to just one room with the volume turned up! 

Using an easy to use handheld remote or an on-wall intuitive touch screen panel you can choose music from your playlist, select the rooms where you want it to play, adjust the volume and enjoy. You can also control and play music from different sources for each room if you choose. 

To discuss your integrated audio & video requirements for your home, or for more information, give us a call or pay us a visit and let us amaze you with what we can do!

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