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Security is an important consideration if you are building a new home or renovating. As part of our services we will work with your existing intruder alarm company or recommend our own to ensure a sensible level of integration within the home.

We also design and install CCTV systems as part of our work, which integrate seamlessly with our in-wall touch panels and IP distributed control systems.

The cost and convenience of these types of systems have reduced considerably over the past few years and there is a wide choice of camera and lens options available.  We use a high resolution unit as standard that incorporates a zoom lens for flexibility during set up, along with high powered LED infra-red lighting that allows them to work effectively in complete darkness. In this mode the cameras switch to black and white mode.


Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

Installing a DVR will allow you to record all of the cameras over a period of time. They are typically set to record continuously and can record for many weeks (depending on the number of cameras, record resolution and hard disc space). The ones we use are above the market 'entry level' but are still relatively inexpensive and provide good remote access and control.  Via the DVR you can easily monitor the cameras on a PC either in the home or via the internet if required.  If you are going to record the cameras there is more choice of camera to use standard cameras as the DVR will provide an IP stream. Alternatively, using the same cabling you could adopt all IP based cameras with POE.

Integration with the intruder alarm system can provide some really powerful deterrents and extra piece of mind when we link them to our lighting control systems.  For example, if we know the alarm is set and you are not at home, if an intruder is detected on the garden terrace, we can start a sequence of  lighting which will make your home appear as if someone is in fact in. We may start by turning on a light in the top floor bedroom, wait 10 seconds and then put a light on the 1st floor landing. The potential intruder now thinking someone is home, will probably go and break into someone else’s home.

Integration with smoke and fire alarms allows lights to be activated automatically and awake you from your sleep if the alarm is activated. 

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