Structured Wiring

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Enabling high quality distribution of audio, video, computer data and telephone signals throughout your home

About Structured Wiring

Flexibility and 'future-proofing' are very important for the home. We now live in an IP (Internet protocol) world with your entertainment systems, telephones, computers and other domestic appliances are all starting to gel together, so it makes sense to wire with this in mind. Whilst there are wireless solutions, these are currently not as fast, secure or reliable as we would like. They are well suited to connecting portable devices such as laptops but for fixed devices and high quality audio and video steaming, wires are generally considered a better solution.

We therefore normally design a 'structured wiring' system for your home. This has become common practice in business installations for many years because it offers complete flexibility. As the home becomes increasingly automated and communications driven it makes perfect sense to implement this type of structured wiring in the home. 

Sockets in any given room can be allocated to a number of different functions, (a phone line can become a computer network terminal and vice versa) and it isn't necessary to guess at how the system will be used because changes at a later date simply involve unplugging a wire from one socket and replacing it elsewhere.

Digital Satellite receivers require a data and phone line to allow all its functions, and the provision of spare computer sockets will cover this. More and more media content are now being "streamed" either around the house or from service providers. The devices now connected to the home network include: Most modern TV sets, Blu-Ray players, Set top boxes, Games consoles, Apple TV, Digital streamers, i-Pad, smart phones, Web tablets, laptop computers, printers, scanners, heating control system, securtiy camera, lighting control systems, Network attached Storage (NAS) devices to name just a few!

If our structured wiring is the veins of the home which allows digital information to flow around the house, the physical network hardware are the brains and heart of the system. This hardware includes network routers, switches, wireless access controllers and access points.

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