Another anniversary product has been released this year! This time it is a modern revamp of the Creek 4040 amplifier. We started selling Creek products in 1982 and over its 10 year life span we sold over 1000 of this original popular amplifier; so maybe it is time for an upgrade if you still have one!

The Creek 4040A has truly embraced the digital world of music consumption; equipped with USB, Coax and optical inputs for connecting digital sources, and with Bluetooth APTX HD for wireless connectivity and convenience. It is amazing value for money at only £799.00.  It can also be fitted with an optional internal MM phono stage which costs an extra £129.00 for use with a turntable.

The Creek 4040A is an incredibly compact amplifier measuring only 21,5cm wide by 25.5cm deep, only 6cm tall.

When we first heard of this anniversary amplifier we were skeptical of its power output of 55/110 watts per channel into 8/4 ohms respectively being produced from such a small enclosure. We did not need to worry as it is not short on power and will drive a whole range of speakers.  

It also has a few other neat tricks built in, including a basic tone control for bass and treble tuning, balance and a stereo direct for use in an AV system.

Along with the amplifier, Creek Audio are adding a matching CD player priced at £699. It was originally intended to be a CD transport only, to connect to the DAC inside the amplifier, but in pre-production It was decided to fit a budget DAC internally, enabling it to work as a stand-alone CD player. The 4040 CD player comes equipped with standard RCA analogue outputs, as well as Coaxial and Optical digital outputs which can connect to digital streamer inputs, and the 4040A amplifier itself.

The amplifier is on demonstration, and we are expecting to take delivery of the CD player early in the new year.


Creek 4040A Amplifier - £799

Creek 4040 CD Player - £699

Finish colours: Silver or Black front panel