The Regency

Project Story

CEDIA Awards Winner 2012 - Best Integrated Home

Project overview

This is one of many projects we have done with Anna Owens Designs.  The CEDIA judges commented, "The key to the success of this development project is the correct mix of technology and value for money".

As this home was for a Property Developer, we approached the design and specification very differently to a project we do for an end user.  The systems we installed provided the correct mix of technology and value for the developer, whilst 'ticking' all the boxes to help this premium home be sold. The system has the capability to be substantially upgraded when new owners move in.

Project in detail

Grahams' brief was to design a whole house AV system that integrated audio, lighting, blinds and security to all rooms and for all rooms and for it all to be controlled by in wall control panels that matched the aesthetics of the home. Although the technology should be of the most current specification it should not dominate the house and should be discreet. 

Budget was of a major factor within the brief. Although the property must be ready to install systems of the latest technology it was not necessary to install this at the time. Infrastructure was a major importance to ensure the buyer of the property can upgrade the system to new technologies as and when they are available.

Music Room:

As the property was to be on the market with prospective buyers being given a tour by agents, we wanted to ensure the audio system was very simple to use. We added a Crestron iPod dock for the main audio source. This allowed prospective buyers to insert their own iPod into the system and enjoy a tour of the property to the sound of their own favourite album/tracks.

Control Systems:

A Lutron lighting system was specified to simplify the control of the whole house lighting and blinds, as well as the exterior lighting. All Crestron and Lutron panels were finished with polished chrome plates to match the design set by the interior designer.

We opted to use iPads to control the systems in addition to the in wall touch panels, which showed the potential owner that the system is configured in a way to respond to the latest technology on the basis that the iPad is the latest 'buzz' product, which happens to work incredibly well.

Audio & Video Distribution:

There are sixteen rooms of music throughout the house and HD TV sets in most rooms. The main living room features fully integrated speakers that you can't see very easily, but you definitely can hear. The family bathroom also has built-in music, as well as a waterproof television which also acts as a security monitor.

Dedicated Hub Room:

A dedicated hub room was requested with ample ventilation to house the lighting hub and the whole house AV system.