Southern Spain

Project Story

This 7 bedroom villa contains an array of intelligent home automation that makes the whole house work with ease.

Project overview

There are over 300 different zones of lighting, control of various water features including the pool ozone fitleration, under floor heating, electric blinds and curtains, high level electric windows, air conditioning, bathroom towel rails, entry gate control, security alarm and cameras, music into 12 different zones and a fabulous home cinema in the entertainment complex on the lower floors. 

All of these sytems are controlled from 6 key locations using a Crestron control system with in-wall touch panels and Lutron Homeworks.

Project in detail


At sunset an astronomical clock (i.e. relative to sunset and sunrise) brings the house to life with careful use of lighting. 

Touch Screen Control Panels:

Six touch screen control panels around the house provide full control of all entertainment and automation.

Home Cinema:

The dedicated cinema room is better than being at the movies!

A Kaleidescape DVD server provides online access to 100's of movies with Meridian DILA projector and digital home theatre speakers, all built-in behind the screen and fabric panels. Full control in this room is provided by a Crestron wireless web table touch screen.

Off-Set Hinged Front Door:

A Crestron in-wall touch screen provides a master exit facility as well as being able to set and un-set the security alarm.

Dining Room:

A glass floor with under floor lighting allows you to see the running water below on slate tiles. The water feature is fully controlled from the house control system.


At midnight the light levels automatically drop down to save energy and provide illumination for guests and visitors. At sunrise they gradually fade to off. 

Careful use of programming and technology turns this house into an amazing home. We of course plan an annual maintenance visit during August!