Into the 21st Century

Project Story

Project in detail

Our high-end installations use much of the same equipment, but what makes this home stand out is some of the innovative solutions we devised to solve the screen and projector mounting in the cinema. This room is a double-height  space which is used as the cinema and library, with a unique mezzanine which overlooks the room  below. Because of the double height at over 5m high we had to use a custom screen lift to bring the projection screen to the right viewing height. This lift mechanism was a smaller version of the one we featured in our Swiss chalet project in the last newsletter and is a great solution for dealing with very high ceilings. The whole lift and screen eventually disappear into the ceiling above and is covered with a painted aluminium cover which blends into the ceiling.

Once this problem was solved we then needed to make sure the projector was also in-line with the viewing screen. Most projectors need to be located somewhere in-line with either the top or the bottom of the screen, depending on mounting orientation. Whilst we could have used a drop down projector lift with a drop of around 3m, this was not feasible or acceptable aesthetically. Our solution was an ingenious motorised projector bracket, custom designed and engineered by our friends at Future Automation. The mechanism first opens the cupboard door and then the bracket elegantly swings the projector out into position ready for use.

Throughout the house music is provided using a range of in-ceiling speakers from B&W, with differing levels of performance depending on the room. The standard CCM-65 used in bathrooms to the top of the range CCM818 speakers used in the ground floor study / den. 

Finally, the master bedroom uses the Future Automation pop-up swivel lift mechanism which rotates the TV through 180 degrees to allow it to be watched from either the bed or sitting area.