New Reduced Charges.

Due to the current situation all non-essential retail premises are closed to the public and this applies to Grahams too. In this unprecedented time, we will endeavour to be of service wherever possible within the boundaries that are now being enforced by the UK government.   

We have made provision to fully support our current on-going projects, sales enquiries, or technical support. If it is safe to do so, we may carry out some site visits and “emergency” visits to customers’ homes.   

Because of this we are engaging in much more remote support to help our customers with their systems. This has required us to make some changes to the way we recover the cost of our time doing this. Before the lockdown the simplest solution may have been to arrange an engineer call-out and our charges for this within Zone 1 was £148.00 + vat callout charge, including up to 1 hour on site and then £45 per ½ hour after that.  Click here for our rates map.   

Historically when we have had a full complement of staff available, we rarely made charges for advice and technical support on the phone, even with equipment which was outside our standard and on-site warranty period. But currently we do not have that luxury as we are working with a much-reduced workforce. 

To assist you whilst we work remotely we may require a little of input from you to be our “eyes and ears” and we are using a variety of technologies to do this including WhatsApp, Facetime,Zoom, MS Teams to mention just a few. 

For systems and equipment which we have supplied withing the last 12 months and is withing our inclusive warranty support period, or for customers who are covered by a “hi-note” support package, their support will carry on as normal and on the basis of their agreement. We will however be making a charge for new and additional work under these agreements. 

For all other technical support, we have looked at the costs and have made some temporary reductions to help everyone though this period. There will obviously be a lower cost than an engineer call out if we are doing things remotely and for the time being we have also reduced our half-hourly rate from £45.00 + vat to  £37.50 + vat per half hour (so from £54 to £45 inc vat per half hour).  If we can solve your problem within a few minutes we will not make a charge. 

Should we require an emergency site visit then our normal call out charges will apply. 

Here is a summary. 

First 10 minutes – free of charge.  

Then Min charge of £37.50+ vat  for up to 30 mins and for each ½ hour after that.  

Do ask us first as if you do re-start things it can make it difficult for us to diagnose what caused the problem.