Here are a few things we’d recommend for the fellow tech enthusiasts out there!

1: AudioQuest Anti-Static Record Brush (£22) A great gift for the vinyl enthusiasts out there! Keeps your records clean and prevents introducing static that draws additional dust to the records!

2: Linn Skeet Floor Protectors (£61) Got spikes on your speakers and wooden floors? The Skeets are great little protectors to stop your floor getting scratches, without compromising audio quality!

3: Rega Fono Mini A2D (£110): A great little phono stage which can record your vinyl to computer too!

4: Chord Clearway 1m 2RCA Cable (£125): Using basic cables might be holding back your system! We’d recommend these cables for anyone with external phono stages or CD players!

5: FiiO BTA30 Pro (£130): Looking to add Bluetooth to your analogue system? This compact device can be tucked away and sounds great too!

6: Quadraspire QPlus Evo (£150): Got a surface that you are unsure is acoustically stable? The QPlus offers the performance of their racks, without the space required!

7: Araknis 110 8 port switch (£145): Run out of ethernet connections on your internet router? Expand the ports by 8 with this great unmanaged switch!

8: Rega Planar 1 (£299): An excellent value turntable for students and those getting started with their vinyl experience.

9: Rega Kyte Speakers (£399) There’s been a price drop! Down from £549 to £399 makes these speakers a very attractive gift for those getting started or in need of excellent little stand mounts.

10: Rega Io (£420): Like the above Fono Mini, but a whole amplifier! An excellent performer with two additional inputs for a CD player or Bluetooth receiver!

11: Rega System One (£999): A collection of the above Rega Planar 1, Kytes and IO. Even includes a 3m pair of Rega speaker cable! Bundled together for extra saving, this is a whole vinyl listening system that anyone would love. Now how to fit it in the stocking…