The legs are a stainless steel tubular design, on top of which is a high-density MDF top plate, which is decoupled by ball bearings to maintain stability and rigidity. This will lower any distortion encountered and minimise any cabinet resonance. The tubular design means that you can choose to fill it with a damping material adding weight and further stability.   Solid Steel believe that these stands will make a noticeable difference to most stand-mount loudspeakers on the market.  The top plate is interchangeable to accommodate different sized speakers.

Solid Steel began when a young worker in the production line of a motorcycle exhaust silencer took his metalworking skills and his passion for listening to music, to create beautiful and highly crafted furniture for Hi-Fi components. After receiving encouragement from the audiophile community he started to manufacture stands in 1990. Not only are these stands practical but they are also aesthetically pleasing.

These stands are distributed by Mian Audio who also distribute the Brigadiers Mu.2 speakers and they are the recommended stand for these speakers.