Screen Research have developed a new fabric for their projection screen, designed for Ultra High Definition projectors and is future proofed. It takes the award winning Clearpix™ 2 screen material and improves the micro perforation to avoid loss of detail that is required for UHD to perform correctly. As it is based on Clearpix™, it is also acoustically transparent and allows for speakers to be placed behind the screen without lowering loudspeaker performance. The Clearpix™ 4K is THX and ISF certified so can be relied upon to provide cinema-grade quality.

Screen Research have emphasised the importance of preventing loss of chrominance, luminosity and uniformity to benefit the viewing quality. By minimising the degradation of the fundamental attributes, it provides a higher quality projection which is viewable from most angles without artefacts (such as Moiré effect, hot spots and colour imbalance) becoming apparent. Screen Research have achieved this by ensuring the micro perforations align in a non-geometric structure without compromising the visual (reflective properties) or sound (acoustical properties) aspects.

Prices start at £2,100 for the 93” diagonal screen.