For those with a preference for streaming audio, Roon is the perfect companion. Newly integrated with Qobuz, the simple layout allows you to spend less time looking for music and more time listening.

Roon, an up-and-coming media management program, will work with virtually any existing Hi-Fi that connects to the internet. It has revolutionised our shop floor allowing a single interface to connect to anything within the store that is on the network, even though we carry a large variety of brands. It has made such an impression that manufacturers are queuing up to ensure their products are compatible.

Roon allows you to access locally stored music on your computers (including existing music libraries on iTunes), servers and NAS with full integration of Tidal, Qobuz, and Internet Radio. It will combine your music library with music available on streaming services to create endless music with Roon Radio, which kicks in at the end of your playlist, continuing to play music based on your previous choices. It can be installed on any computer (Mac, Windows, and Linux) or server, and can be controlled on virtually any device, even Android and iOS devices!

There are also hardware products available; the Roon Nucleus and the Nucleus+ which are both servers designed to optimise the Roon software, allowing the processing of music to happen significantly faster, and offer a much more stable platform for your Roon software, than if it were installed on a different server. The Nucleus, which costs £1,499, is equipped with an Intel Core i3 processor and 4GB RAM and the Nucleus+, which costs £2,499, has the Intel Core i7 processor with 8GB RAM. The Nucleus is suited for those with up to five zones of audio. If you need more zones, we would recommend the Nucleus+.

Roon offer a 14-day trial for their software so you can try it at home, or you can visit our shop to have a bespoke demonstration for your requirements.