Re-introduced to the UK market since the Harman acquisition of Arcam, we were very impressed when we listened to them and we felt they would be an excellent addition to our current range.

The Concerta2 M16 stand-mount loudspeakers are a large speaker, which fits well with systems such as the Arcam CDS50/SA20 combination. We found the detail to be excellent at that price point and thought they brought a considerable warmth from the recordings. The Concertas have a very modern design with no visible fastenings for the grills, which avoid the standard cuboid shape that you see on most entry level loudspeakers.

We also have the critically acclaimed F206s from the Performa3 range, which is the intermediate of Revel’s three ranges. We love the detailed and controlled but broad sound that the Revels produce, in contrast to the other excellent speakers which we have in our showroom at this price. Like the M16s they are a clean, modern looking speaker, which are available in gloss White or gloss Black. They look great with or without the magnetic grills and, at any level, the Revel speakers will certainly put a smile on your face while listening to your favourite music.

Revel’s entry level M16 cost £999 with the F206s coming in at £3,999.