Good news... Prices have dropped for once!

At a time when everything is going up in price, Rega have announced that they have dropped the price of their Brio integrated amp from £700 to £549 and their Rega Kyte bookshelf speaker has been reduced from £550 a pair to £399 a pair. Even better, Rega have reduce the price of their excellent starter turntable system, the System One package, from £1,199 to £999. The Rega System One consists of: -

                                           Planar 1 turntable (black)     £299

                                           Io amplifier                              £420

                                           Kyte loudspeakers                  £399

                                           2 x 3m speaker cable             (£17.00 a metre)

Even with the reduction in price on the Kyte loudspeakers, if the items were bought separately, the total cost would be £1,220, so £999 is a bargain. The Rega One System is an ideal entry-level turntable system for a student to use at home, or away at College or University.  We have the system on demonstration.