Five years have passed since Rega released their RP10, and they have taken advantage of the developments made to the Planar 8, which is modelled on their reference £25,000 Naiad turntable. They have kept certain elements from the RP10, such as the distinctive ceramic platter and skeletal design, but refined it for better coupling to the sub-platter. The twin-belt design continues; manufactured in-house, for the highest performance in consistency and accuracy. There have been improvements to the core plinth, which is now made of a lighter, more rigid, aerospace-grade foam known as Tancast 8. The lid has also been revised and like the Planar 8, there are no rear hinges to open and close, simply lift to remove.

 The 24v motor has been isolated further from the bottom of the plinth. The power supply is dedicated to the motor and is externally housed to minimize any vibrations. The RB3000 has replaced its RB2000 predecessor, now boasting a ‘micron-perfect bearing fit’ and the bearing has been completely redesigned for lower mass and reduced friction within its housing.

The Planar 10 is released alongside a redesigned cartridge; the Apheta 3. The main change with this cartridge is its ‘Fine Line’ diamond profile, the same concept as their flagship Aphelion cartridge which extracts more information from the grooves of your records and thus provides an even richer musical experience. The Planar 10 can be purchased without a cartridge at £3,599 or can be factory fitted with the Apheta 3 at a package price of £4,499, which is highly recommended unless you already have a high-performance cartridge you would prefer to continue using.

 The Planar 10 is now available on demonstration so if you would like to hear it yourself please get in contact.