The Quadraspire QPlus is a set of Advanced Acoustic Interface Feet which allow isolation of a single item of equipment from the surface up it has been placed, giving the same effect as their dedicated racking.  The QPlus comes in three ranges; the Evo, the Advanced and the Reference, each mimicking the corresponding rack ranges; the Evo range, the Advanced SVT and the XReference respectively. 

The QPlus feet give more flexibility than the original Soundstage isolation platform which was designed to improve the sound quality of sources, especially entry-level turntables.  Placed on existing cabinetry or racking, the QPlus range gives discreet sound isolation to equipment from the standing surface.

For those wanting to isolate speakers, Quadraspire offers the QX7 or QC floor protectors; the QPlus range is only for use with hi-fi separates.

The QPlus ranges are available now and can be purchased in either a set of three or four feet.

Evo - £90 for 3 or £120 for 4

Advanced - £225 for 3 or £300 for 4

Reference - £675 for 3 or £900 for 4