Spendor have recently released the new A7 loudspeakers, the largest of their A-Line range.  They directly replace the outgoing Spendor A6r and we're pleased to say they bring us as much joy as the rest of the recently released Spendor A-Line.  The A1, A2, and A4, have prooved especially popular at Grahams.

The A7 boasts a slightly larger cabinet than the A4 with the same drive units. As part of this cabinet, the A7 includes a Twin-Venturi Linear-Flow port also found in the superior Spendor D-line of speakers including the D7 and D9 speakers. The benefit is more extended and balanced bass performance that is ideal for small or large rooms.

Sonically the character of the A7 is very similar to rest of the Spendor A-Line.  There is a generous improvment across the specrum over the outgoing A6r, with better detail, musicality and togetherness for a more engaging listening experience overall.

Spendor have kept their beautiful wood finishes and now offer Satin White as a premium option.  Spendor have not previously released grilles for their A-Line speakers but with the launch of the A7 they have now released optional grills for all of the A-Line speakers.  These cost between £125 and £195 per set.

You can find more information about these speakers here. Please contact us for a demonstration now.