Linn Karousel Bearing

Linn is releasing a new bearing for the LP12 turntable on the 23rd March. The unique single-point bearing, combined with the acoustic isolation of the turntable design, were the foundations on which Linn was established in 1973.

Linn claims that the Karousel offers “smoother rotation and greater stability for even better sound from Sondek LP12. That vital union between the platter, spindle, bearing and sub-chassis is now the strongest we’ve ever achieved, thanks to the innovative new design and material choice”, and “In short, the addition of Karousel will elevate the performance of every LP12 ever made”.

Apart from being retrofittable at a cost of £750 plus fitting, all newly purchased LP12s supplied from the 23rd March onwards will include the Karousel bearing as standard.

This is only the third evolution of this design in nearly 50 years, replacing the Cirkus bearing that came out in 1993.

The Karousel bearing kit consists of the Karousel bearing itself, an inner platter and spindle, 3 x springs, 3 x large grommets, 3 x small grommets, 3 x washers. 3 x locknuts and an earthing wire.

Linn is also offering an LP12 upgrade promotion. From 23rd March until 22nd May 2020, anyone upgrading their LP12 with the new Karousel bearing will receive this free of charge when they spend £3,000 or more on any Linn products, subject to terms and conditions.

Finally, Linn is offering customers two options to add a personal touch to their LP12. Firstly, all LP12 plinths are now available in any high gloss colour finish, for a supplementary £330, on top of the regular £638 price. The high gloss plinth price applies to all colour finishes, as well as high gloss wood finishes, Piano Black and High Gloss White. Orders must be accompanied by a RAL number or a Pantone colour. The anticipated lead time for this service is 5 – 7 weeks. Secondly, for the ultimate in bespoke, Linn Keel owners will be able to monogram their LP12. They can choose up to 4 letters to be precision laser-etched onto the aluminium armboard for a cost of £330. The lead time on this is 2 weeks.

We are looking forward to fitting the new Karousel bearing to our demonstration LP12s, which should happen later this month. Linn has issued a Compatibility and Safety notice in regards to the Karousel bearing. If anyone who owns a power supply described below and wants to have a Karousel fitted, please speak to us about your options.

Compatibility & Safety Notice 

The Karousel bearing is physically compatible with all current and historic Linn turntable configurations, however, it must not be used with Nirvana or Valhalla PSUs or 3rd party clones of these as electrical safety protection issues can carry potentially fatal risks.