Based on their popular PX headphones, Bowers & Wilkins have developed a complete new range of wireless headphones to suit each individual’s preferred fit. The range consists of two in-ear headsets (PI3 and PI4), one on-ear design (PX5) and one over-ear design (PX7).

Starting with the Pi3, this is the only headphones in the range that is not equipped with active noise cancelling. Aimed at sporty lifestyles, they are an in-ear fit with wings that tuck into the outer ear for added stability and are splash and sweat resistant. They passively block external noise due to the in-ear design, and the dual drivers in each earbud ensure minimal distraction from your listening experience. A full battery yields 8 hours of uninterrupted music, and a 15 minute charge gives two hours of play.

The PI4 is a similar design to the PI3, but offers improvements across the board. It is equipped with a larger pair of drivers offering an extended bass, doubles the microphones for phone calls for greater clarity on phone calls, is equipped with Adaptive Noise Cancelling which introduces a softer, more invisible control of external noise while being able to pass-through sounds (such as public announcements) that you want to hear, rejecting sounds (such as screeching trains) that you don’t. 

Moving up in the range, the PX5 are an on-ear design with a whopping 25 hours of battery before needing a charge. A 15 minute charge adds an additional five hours of playback. We immediately noticed how much more comfortable the PX5 are on the ears with significantly softer pads and less clamping force than its predecessor, while remaining stable enough for light exercise.

Lastly, there is the PX7, an over-ear design which is the direct successor to the PX. Equipped with the same adaptive noise cancelling features and an even greater battery life which depletes after 30 hours. It differs from the PX in many other ways, such as the larger 43.6mm drivers to extend and control the bass far beyond its predecessor’s already refined capacity.

The new range of headphones are specified with the latest Bluetooth version 5.0, which allows two devices to be connected to the same headphones, automatically switching based on what is playing. They are also equipped with Bluetooth APTX™ Adaptive as well as carrying over from the previous generation APTX™ HD.  Bluetooth APTX™ Adaptive will analyse the most stable connection between the device and headphones to avoid dropouts by removing less important high frequency information when necessary.

PI3 Wireless Earphones - £169.99 - available in Space Grey, Rose Gold and Blue

PI4 Wireless Earphones - £269.99 - Available in Black, Rose Gold and Silver

PX5 On-Ear Headphones - £269.99 - Available in Space Grey and Blue

PX7 Over Ear Headphones - £349.99 - Available in Space Grey and Silver