Bowers & Wilkins have just updated their 700 series range, moving to version Series 3. There has been a substantial trickle-down effect of technology from their 800 D4 range, which was introduced last year.

One of the big upgrades that Bowers & Wilkins have included is their Biomimetic suspension ‘spiders’ behind their continuum cones, which made such a difference with the 800 D4 series. This brings a detail, clarity, and openness to the sound across all the speakers whilst simultaneously managing to make the sound more relaxing and fun to listen to. Not an easy feat!

Several of the speakers have become slightly slimmer, which is good news for those who prefer a more discrete look, and each speaker now has a small outward curve to the front of the cabinet. This aesthetically pleasing difference softens the look across the range from its previously “boxy” shape, but most importantly, it improves the overall sound by allowing the drive units to sit proud of the front cabinet surface and produce a more open sound.

The 702 has grown taller as it has become the first of the 700 range to receive a downward firing bass-port. The plinth is now integrated, which is a feature also used for the first time recently in the 804 D4. This change enhances the performance of the 702, giving it a more controlled bass response as well as making it easier to place in a room because the distance from the port to the nearest barrier, which is its own base, is already known.

The 703 now joins the 702 and 705 models in using a solid body tweeter on top, which follows the Bowers & Wilkins ethos of decoupling drive units in order to improve performance.  The solid body tweeter housing across each of these speakers has been redesigned with a better two-point decoupling to isolate the assembly more efficiently from the cabinet.

The 700 S3 range comprises of the following speakers and finish options:-

702 S3 - £5,500 (Gloss Black, Mocha, Satin White)

703 S3 - £4,200 (Gloss Black, Mocha, Satin White)

704 S3 - £3,000 (Gloss Black, Mocha, Satin White)

705S3 - £2,600 (Gloss Black, Mocha, Satin White)

706 S3 - £1,650 (Gloss Black, Mocha, Satin White)

707 S3 - £1,300 (Gloss Black, Mocha, Satin White)

HTM72 S3 - £1,000 (Gloss Black, Mocha, Satin White)

HTM71 S3 - £1,700 (Gloss Black, Mocha, Satin White)

DB4S - £1,600 (Gloss Black, Rosenut, Satin White)

FS-700 Stands - £800 (Black, Silver)