The success of the 2021 limited edition 30th Anniversary Neat ‘Petite 30’ model has led to the demand for a new, ongoing version of the Petite.  Hence the new ‘Petite Classic’ was born, which has the same dimensions as the original Petite, but uses the drive units from the Petite 30 and a new crossover network.  The success of Petite Classic has led to the reintroduction of reengineered versions of their other classic speakers, the compact floor-standing Mystique and the slightly larger floor-standing Elite.

Their modern reengineering is immediately visible on the range with the introduction of their latest Air Motion Transformer (AMT) Tweeter, akin to a the planar ‘ribbon’ tweeter on their 1995 Petite II. All three speakers offer considerable scale for their size, thanks to the use of their own design of bass drive units and porting systems. The Petite is equipped with two ports on the rear, one for the AMT tweeter and one for the bass unit. The Mystique is equipped with one at the base of the speaker, and the Elite has one on the rear for the tweeter and one down firing for the bass unit. This gives the speakers a great bass extension. Paired with the AMT tweeter, it also offers an incredible transparency and stereo separation that immerses you into a soundscape of the music you know and enjoy.

The truly outstanding speaker in the range, in our opinion, is the Neat Elite. It was an excellent speaker in its time, but the recent innovations have made it a truly standout speaker in a very competitive field.

The prices for the standard finishes (Textured Black and Satin White) are as follows:

  • Petite - £1,995
  • Mystique - £2,475
  • Elite - £3,250

And the prices of the wood veneer finishes (Natural Oak and American Walnut) are as follows:

  • Petite - £2,300
  • Mystique - £2,595
  • Elite - £3,500

We currently have all three speakers on demonstration, so do book a listening session.