Melco N100 and D100

Melco have just released some new additions to their range. The first of these is the new N100 Server. This comes with an internal HDD of 2TB, which is enough room to store at least 2,000 CDs ripped with a lossless codec. The N100 can be used as a dedicated audiophile quality, fanless storage unit and server which can be plugged directly into your existing streamer, or it can be used as the streamer itself if partnered with a USB DAC, such as the Chord Qutest. If used as a streamer the N100 can be controlled by using Melco’s new app ‘Music HD’.

The N100 is housed in a half-sized box and can be partnered with their matching D100 USB Optical Disc Drive. The D100 can be used as a high quality CD transport that will play CDs in real time with the addition of a USB DAC, or as a ripper to convert your CDs to lossless files to store on the N100.

Melco have also released an expansion HDD called the E100. This increases the storage capacity of the N100 by 3TB and is a simple and visually matching drive for much larger music collections. All of this allows you turn your N100 into a very versatile platform which will play, rip, store and serve your CD collection.

The N100 server costs £1,800 with the D100 and E100 costing £999 each.

 For more technical information please follow the links: https://bit.ly/2GpnAD8 and https://bit.ly/2WJokc7