We now have the M&K Sound LCR750 as part of our audio-visual demonstration speaker range.

Well known in the professional industry from LucasArts Film mixing studios (Skywalker Sound, California) to Metropolis Studios (Studio E, London), M&K Sound have been our choice of loudspeakers for dedicated cinema systems for two decades now.

Unlike most LCR speakers, the centre is designed to be placed horizontally and the left and right speakers have angled tweeters to enable the THX certification that M&K has retained over its 48 years of manufacturing. In fact, M&K was involved in the first THX-certified subwoofer in 1992 – the MX5000. For those unfamiliar with the acronym, THX (Thomlinson Holman Crossover ‘X’) has become a benchmark certification that assures uncompromised performance, consistency, and quality. It began in 1983 when it featured on the release of ‘Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi’. Since then, it has become a complete certification that manufacturers strive to achieve.

Though the M&K LCR750 are not their entry level speakers, they are one of their most versatile as they can be used as satellite speakers, when combined with a subwoofer, and full range, when forgoing the sub. They are just under 19cm deep so they will not protrude whichever way they are mounted. So, how do they sound? Their transparency is second to none at this price point, capable of exposing new micro details in films you may have watched many times before. We have also found that when using speaker calibration software such as DIRAC for Arcam AV products, the measurements prove their extraordinary transparency for reproducing audio for motion picture.

The M&K LCR750 costs £595 per speaker and comes in black. We would recommend partnering them with the Arcam AVR21 receiver (£3799) and Chord RumourX Speaker Cable (£20 p/m). In our studio, we pair the M&K LCR750 with the M&K M40T for rear speakers (£895) and B&W DB4S Subwoofer (£1500). So, if you are working to a budget for a cinema grade, surround sound system of around £10,000, our recommended package would be a worthwhile consideration. Just add a TV or projector and a video source. For a demonstration of these new speakers, do not hesitate to get in touch to arrange an appointment.