Linn has exciting news of a new power supply called the Utopik which is compatible with many of their products, both current and legacy including the Klimax DS/DSM.  It can even be retrofitted into legacy models that go back to 2007!  

To promote the Utopik, Linn is running a winter promotion   Any orders above £3,000 will include a new compatible Utopik power supply at no additional cost including turntable upgrades.  For instance, if you upgrade your Linn LP12 with an Ekos SE arm (£4,880) or an Ekstatik cartridge (£6,050) you will get a Utopik for a compatible item for free. For those who have not yet updated their legacy Klimax DS/DSM with an Organik DAC (£6,480) a free Utopik will be included with the upgrade.

The current list of compatible products is:

  • Klimax DSM (All Models)
  • Klimax DS (All Models)
  • Klimax System Hub (All Models)
  • Selekt DSM (All Models)
  • Akurate DSM (All Models)
  • Akurate DS (All Models)
  • Akurate Exaktbox-6 and -10
  • Kustom DSM Z4 and Z8
  • Majik DS (All Models)

We hope that more products will be compatible soon.


The cost of the Utopik as a standalone upgrade is £1,350 and comes with a five-year warranty for the power supply only.

We have fitted the Utopik to our demonstration, next generation Klimax DSM and found it adds a level of transparency and detail whilst keeping the warm sound that Linn is renowned for.


The Utopik Winter promotion runs from 1st November 2023 until 31 January 2024