Linn have made numerous changes to their Selekt DSM, including adding the option of fitting their flagship Digital to Analogue Converter, the Organik.

The Selekt now has two different case options.  The existing Selekt is now dubbed the ‘Classic’ hub and Linn have added the ‘Edition’ hub, a superior-quality all-machined design, with an improved dial and a headphone socket. The Classic hub is priced at £4,900 and the Edition hub is priced at £9,900.  The Edition hub is available in a black or silver finish, while the Classic hub is available in a black finish only.  The idea is that the Edition hub will bridge the vast gap between their flagship Klimax DSM ‘Next-Generation’ and the Selekt DSM now that their Akurate DS and DSM and Legacy Klimax DSM have been formally discontinued.

You are still able to tailor the Selekt, regardless of case, to whether you want line outputs (for an external power amplifier or active speakers) or integrated power amplifiers to connect directly to the speakers. Linn’s Exakt speakers can still connect through its Exakt ports without additional cartridges.

Another addition to the Selekt range is their outstanding performance Organik DAC, their first built from the ground up DAC that Linn had premiered on their ‘Next Generation’ Klimax DSM and later offered as an optional upgrade on Legacy Klimax DS and DSM. This allows the breathtaking quality of the Organik DAC to be experienced at a much more affordable price. Not only this, but Linn has raised the bar further for the Selekt DSM by not only offering the Organik DAC in stereo, but also in a dual-mono configuration, to get even closer to the performance of the flagship Klimax DSM.

The last change is the subtle introduction of a new power supply to replace the Dynamik, called the Utopik, which we found to provide a notable boost in performance. The Utopik is fitted to both the Selekt Classic hub and the Edition hub. We expect to hear more from Linn regarding adding the Utopik power supply to other products in their range in due course.

As we mentioned earlier, the Akurate DS and DSM are now end of life. So, to encourage existing owners to upgrade, Linn are offering a trade in against the Selekt ‘Edition’ hub with Organik either in a stereo or dual mono configuration.  Please contact us for more details.

As the Selekt is now a vast family of products it is difficult to list every configuration that is available. However, we are happy to discuss the Selekt in detail with you if it is something of interest to you. Some of the more conventional packages would include:

Selekt Classic Streaming Amplifier (Standard DAC): £5,975

Selekt Classic Streaming Preamplifier (Organik DAC): £8,610

Selekt Edition Dual Mono Streaming Preamp (Organik DAC): £16,950

For a more comprehensive list of other configurations, you can look here: https://shop.grahams.co.uk/collections/amplifiers/products/linn-selekt-dsm-modular-streaming-pre-amplifier-integrated-amplifier