Linn are hosting a number of events across the world for the revolutionary product launch of the new Linn Selekt DSM and the new version of Space Optimisation that is now  available.

Join us at Grahams Hi-Fi on the 17th of January 2019 at 6pm and meet representatives from Linn who will be here to demonstrate the Selekt DSM, Linn’s modular and upgradable network music player that allows you to bring your music back to life through its modern and tactile design.

You will learn about how Selekt DSM can be configured by you to work alongside your existing system or on its own, revolutionising your interaction in streaming music.

You will hear some of the best music around on different variations of Selekt DSM and discover how, through Linn’s latest Space Optimisation technology, a Linn Selekt DSM can improve the sound of any hi-fi by optimising your room and your speakers regardless of where they need to be sited

Book now through the link below, we can’t wait for you to meet Selekt DSM.