Last year, Linn released their new Klimax DSM featuring the flagship Organik DAC, their first in-house designed and manufactured digital to analogue converter. From the very first note, it is easy to hear how much better the Organik DAC is than the already excellent Katalyst DAC which was fitted to the previous model.  

To get the Organik DAC it was necessary to buy the new flagship model at £30,000. The good news now is that Linn is now offering the Organik DAC upgrade to owners of the Klimax DS or DSM models, including the original Klimax DS, which was released in 2007. The cost of this upgrade is more affordable at £5,400. We can carry out the upgrade here at Grahams unless the Klimax DS/DSM is not yet equipped with Exakt links, in which case we will have to send it back to Linn to modify the casework. As with previous upgrades, Linn will give a new five-year warranty.

Linn is still offering the Organik upgrade on Klimax Exaktboxes and Klimax 350A for existing owners, while new orders will be factory-fitted with the Organic DAC boards. Furthermore, they are still offering a substantial reduction in the price of the flagship Klimax DSM when trading in a legacy Klimax DS or DSM.

Organik for Legacy Klimax DS/DSM - £5,400

Organik for Klimax Exaktbox - £5,400

Organik for Klimax 350a (Exakt) - £10,800

Organik for Klimax 350a (pre-Exakt) - £36,250

Trade-In of Legacy Klimax DS/DSM for New Klimax DSM - £POE

As always, if any of these upgrades are of interest, or you would like additional information, do not hesitate to get in touch. We have been demonstrating the new Klimax DSM since its release and we will soon be adding a Legacy Klimax DSM, upgraded with the Organik DAC so that we can demonstrate all the options.