This arm has recently been fitted in the Majik LP12 package, replacing the Project 9-cc. Now it can be purchased separately, and it is an excellent entry-level arm for an LP12. It costs £600 and joins the Akito, at £1,630, and Ekos SE, at £4,000, in Linn’s range of tonearms. 

The Majik arm is a static-balanced design featuring a one-point cross bearing arrangement, the CNC turned aluminium and brass construction creates a precise and rigid tonearm. Bias force is provided by a calibrated spring mechanism, allowing adjustment for a range of values. A die-cast headshell, with a two-slot design, makes it a perfect match for Linn’s Adikt moving magnet cartridge, however the open design means that it is also compatible with many different cartridges. The arm has a black anodised finish.