We all try to be more energy-efficient and do our bit to help the planet and this can be seen in the large increase in the use of glass architectural designs. Nowadays, artificial light comes in all different shapes, colours and brightness and the advances in lighting technology have now made it possible to replicate natural light within the home. 

Proper lighting design can create a bespoke mood in a room or area with the use of several lighting circuits to create “wall washers”, downlights, up-lights with which to create texture & atmosphere with its mix of light and shade.

Light fittings nowadays mostly use an LED lamp which has replaced the halogen or incandescent light bulb. A good quality LED lamp can duplicate the colour and brightness of traditional bulbs but with a massive increase in lamp life and a just as large a reduction in power consumption. LED lamps are known as a direct light source and do not possess the same ambient features of traditional bulbs. When used within a lighting design, LED lighting can produce many different colours and tones and not just a warm white colour and can illuminate an area with incredible impact. 

If you simply dim one lamp in a room, you will instantly notice how this changes the mood or atmosphere of the space. By combining several dimming circuits, a ‘scene’ is created bringing the space to life. Furthermore, by adding intelligent lighting control to a home, whether to a single room or the whole house, will provide immense benefits, not only in the flexibility of being able to control lights from anywhere but being able to create an enticing atmosphere. 

Lighting can be recessed in the ceiling, in walls, the floor and at a low and high level. It can also be added into joinery and furniture. An often-neglected area in the home for lighting is the front and back garden and patio. Adding the right type of light in these areas can form a dramatic backdrop that’s simply breathtaking if done correctly. 

There are simply thousands of different light fittings available, some great, others not so great. Generally, you get what you pay for. At Grahams we only select the best type of fittings and lamps (or LED strip) for our projects, relying on our years of experience and dedication to sourcing from top quality manufacturers. Your home’s lighting design and installation are just as important as its furnishings. A good lighting scheme turns a house into a home.

Grahams offer a complete turnkey solution from the lighting design, through to the selection of light fittings, control systems and installation. We can also work alongside your designer, architect, electrician or contractor. Give us a call today to see how we can help… you’ll be glad you did!