A new brand to Grahams has been given the stamp of approval by our staff.

It is not every day that we add to our product range, but when we hear a product of exceptional performance it would be a gross injustice not to take it on. In this case, it is the new Krell K-300i, an integrated amplifier with enough grunt to drive even our reference level Bowers and Wilkins 800 D3 speakers.

Previously we had found one box solutions struggled to power larger speakers but this is clearly not the case here. Equipped with a digital board, the Krell K-300i is a Roon endpoint, so it can stream directly or it can take a digital feed from your existing streamer, CD player or even your television! Comprehensively equipped with two balanced inputs, three unbalanced inputs, two HDMI inputs, and a single USB type B/ Coaxial/ Optical, and Bluetooth thrown in, to add to its flexibility.

It is installation friendly too, capable of sending and receiving commands over 12V trigger, control over RS232, and IR can be extended if it is not in the line of sight.

On the topic of sight, you will immediately see that this product is substantially deeper and marginally wider than other products we carry. If you are intending on hosting this in a rack then its dimensions are not to be overlooked as it may not fit in your existing furniture if the fit is already snug. Coming in at 18.2kg it is somewhat of a heavyweight compared to the Supernait 3.

American Hi-Fi products have often been stigmatised for lacking refinement and having an undivided focus on raw power. The second point proves to be only partially true as our listening tests had completely disproved the first point about lacking refinement. In fact, we found the Krell to be both insightful and musical to our collective ears.

This amplifier ticks all the boxes you could ever ask for from a single box solution, it is available to order in the following variants:

Black with digital streaming board - £9,000

Silver with digital streaming board - £9,000

Black without streaming board - £8,000

Silver without streaming board - £8,000