When servicing your turntable, Ray will strip it down to the bare wooden plinth and completely rebuild it. Some minor parts may need replacing as the rubber top and bottom grommets become hard after a few years as well as the oil, nuts and washers. Your suspension springs may also need to be replaced too but this can vary from deck to deck.  Servicing and resetting the suspension makes a huge difference to the performance and is well worth doing. Nearly all LP12s will need a new replacement drive belt at the time of servicing.


There have been many upgrades for LP12 turntables over the years, the most recent being the Linn Lingo 4 (£1450.00) which is an external power supply.  There are also various  sub chassis/ arm board updates available from the Linn Kore (£800.00) through to the Linn Keel (£2660.00).


The cost of a service, excluding any parts required, is £195.00.  For the month of September, if you bring your turntable in for a service, we are offering an LP12 belt (£50.00) included free of charge as part of the service.  As long as you bring your turntable in before 30th September 2018 then you can take part in this offer.


Please give Ray or a member of our sales team a call to discuss any Linn servicing requirements.