Here at Grahams we have, for many years, made both our  Naim Hydra and our own high-quality hand built 4-gang and 6-gang distribution blocks.

Naim Hydra

All Naim systems will benefit from using a bespoke Grahams Hydra lead which is Star Earthed.

Each piece of Naim equipment comes with a mains cable and mains plug; the more equipment you have the more mains plugs, which in turn means the more earth points and connections. Using a Hydra takes all the mains earth back to one central point.

All Hydras are made to order. We use Naim mains IEC leads which are then all terminated and covered in a heat shrink sleeve at one point. Then a single cable is taken from that point and fitted with a high-quality MK mains plug. This process joins all the earth points together making them Star Earthed.

The length of cable from the join to the mains can be whatever length you wish although we recommend using as short a cable as possible.

We have obtained CE approval for our Hydra design.

Hydras can be made up from a 2 IEC socket up to an 8 IEC socket and anything in between. Prices start from £160.00. Please call to discuss your requirements.

Grahams Mains Distribution Blocks 

We have been making our own mains distribution blocks for many years which come in two, four, six or eight gang options. These are Crabtree units, hard wired with good quality cable and have no switches or lights to degrade the audio performance of your equipment. Prices start at £25.00 for a 2-gang mains unit and £50.00 for the 4-gang which is our most popular model.