Since its launch in April of this year, the Formation Suite has built on a common requirement for those who want high-quality audio across the house: Wireless. Before Formation, the wireless distribution of audio always came at the cost of performance. Bowers and Wilkins spent three years researching how to prove this statement wrong and making wireless systems equal, if not better than their wired counterparts.

Expanding upon its already comprehensive suite is the Formation Flex, a self-contained mono speaker which can work alone, in a stereo pair or as rear surround when packaged with the Formation Bar and Formation Bass. As the Formation Bar can decode the front three channels, the Formation Bass and a pair of Formation Flex complete the 5.1 surround sound setup. The volume levels and time delay can very easily be adjusted within its app to allow for different sized rooms, and

The formation Flex comes in at £400 per unit, which a pair at £800 becomes a fully functional wireless stereo system for any room.