Our entry level system comprising a turntable, amplifier and speakers makes the ideal starter system without compromising on sound quality

The source is a Rega Planar 1 turntable which has won many awards for “best turntable”. The Planar 1 is simple to set up as all the parts come attached apart from the counterweight, which simply slides onto the tonearm.   

Amplification is via the Rotel A-10 which is a straightforward amplifier that delivers a healthy output in a discreet footprint. The moving magnet stage allows the turntable to connect without the need of an external phono stage and with its 40 watts per channel rating, there is plenty of power to drive a small pair of bookshelf speakers.  

Our bookshelf speaker recommendation is the Bowers and Wilkins 607 speaker which are part of their recently launched 600 Series.  These use the same Continuum driver that is used in their flagship 800 series.

Grahams will supply QED Silver anniversary XT free of charge.

This system will allow you to add other components to it such as a streamer or cd player.   

The system is easy to set up but we are always on hand to help you if needed.

This entry level system costs £999.00 

This system will make a superb gift for someone special who would like to introduce to the world of premium sound hifi.

Please call us for further details on 0207 226 5500.