Earlier in the year, Control4 launched the new Halo remote control, which is an upgrade of the existing SR260, currently used by many of our customers. The Halo has a larger, clearer, and brighter display and is now available as a touch screen version. It is a great improvement on the SR260 remotes.

The new Halos are a fusion of cutting-edge design and intuitive functionality, manufactured in high quality materials and ergonomically pleasing to hold.

One of the outstanding features of the Control4 Halo is its seamless integration capability. It is compatible with an extensive range of smart home devices, including lighting, security, and entertainment systems as well as thermostatic controls and more, consolidating control of these into a single, elegant device. Its versatility allows users to manage multiple aspects of their home environment with the press of a few buttons or taps on a screen ensuring ease of use for all levels of technical knowledge.

The Control4 Halo comes equipped with AI capabilities to learn user preferences over time and to anticipate their requirements and then streamline their home automation experience further. This personalised touch sets the Halo apart as a device that not only responds to commands but also proactively enhances the user's daily routines

Early feedback of the Control4 Halo has been extremely positive, with our clients praising its user-friendly interface, seamless integration, and simplicity of managing complex smart home systems.

The standard Halo remotes retails at £540.00, available in black only.

The Halo touch costs £882.00 and is available in both black and silver.

Grahams is offering a special price for existing customers owning the SR260 remote control after checking compatibility with your existing system.

If you are thinking about replacing your old Control4 remote and want to take advantage of our special upgrade price, we have the Halo on demonstration in our showroom, please give us call if you would like to book an appointment.