Audioquest Anti-Static Record Cleaning Brush £17.95

A simple but unforgettable must-have for all vinyl enthusiasts. This carbon fibre brush will clean your records to keep them singing for longer and remove static from the record, which helps reduce further debris from entering the record.

Rega Bias 2 Cartridge £83

Once again for vinyl enthusiasts looking for an inexpensive way of improving your first turntable. Upgrading from a Carbon to a Bias 2 will bring a noticeable improvement to your vinyl listening experience.

Chord Clearway analogue interconnect £100

Adding these 1m 2 phono – 2 phono interconnects to your system will preserve your audio from distortion and interference due to its shielding and technology within.  

iPort xPress £82.50

Sonos users rejoice! You can program an iPort xPress to control your Sonos! Set some favourite playlists to cycle through, control volume, skip song and even play/pause.  Have a few of these around the house and you won’t even have to get your phone out to get Sonos going anymore, and require no installation!

Loewe Klang M1 £169.00

Music on the go needn’t have a huge footprint, the Loewe Klang M1 sits pocket-sized but the sound it produces is nothing to shake your head at. The Klang M1 bluetooth speaker pairs with your portable music player or mobile phone.

Bowers and Wilkins P3 S2 £120

A long-time favourite of ours at Grahams, the B&W P3 S2 are the perfect companion for those on the go who don’t want to carry large headphones or compromise on sound quality. They are comfortable, stylish, sound great and even has a microphone to make calls from your mobile phone.