Whereas the look and functionality of the Mojo 2 have mostly remained the same, Chord Electronics has added a fourth button to access a menu for further enhancement, displayed through the colours of the illuminated buttons to determine where you are within the menu, rather like the volume indicator on the original Mojo.  The new menu allows you to tailor the outputted sound with an EQ, and adjust cross-feed settings. For preventing accidental changes, there is a setting lock. By allowing you to EQ your listening experience, you can take the already exceptional sound and tailor it to your own personal taste.
Chord Electronics has also introduced a USB-C connector to the Mojo 2 to use with the latest phones and tablets.  

The battery will now charge more quickly and, with the improved management, Chord claim up to 75% less power loss and a 9% gain in overall capacity   Following their Hugo2 breakthrough, the battery will not charge for any longer than 24 hours on the Mojo 2 to preserve battery longevity.

As before, the Mojo 2 can be partnered with Chord Electronics' Poly to add wireless streaming and get rid of connecting cables.  You can also use the Mojo 2 as a standalone DAC to improve the sound of your laptop, compatible CD Players or even televisions with optical/coaxial digital outputs.

The Mojo 2 is now available in CNC-milled black aluminium and costs £449.