The Moving Magnet compatible Phono Stage is a first from Chord Electronics and the Huei is housed in the same style casing as their Qutest DAC.  In addition to Moving Magnet, the Huei can be switched to Moving Coil with programmable gain and impedance settings to perfectly match most MC cartridges.

Developed from their flagship Symphonic MC Phono Stage, they have added Moving Magnet compatibility for added versatility, and the programming of gain and impedance is much simpler to refine to your personal listening taste. This added flexibility means that it will work well through many cartridge upgrades.

In conventional Chord Electronics styling, they use colour codes to signify your settings. Though on first glance you may find it confusing, you will find that once you have found your desired settings you will find it easier to remember the two colours than the two different numbers for the gain and impedance. The Chord Huei will retain the last settings used when switched off, and the coloured lights can be dimmed slightly if they are too bright.

The Chord Huei is available for demonstration, comes in matte black only, and retails at £990.