This durable, weather resistant speaker is designed for outdoor use and is perfect for patios, gardens and poolside listening.   Bowers and Wilkins have rigorously tested the AM-1s to ensure that they stand up to UV and salt-spray exposure.  To ensure the highest standard of performance the speaker combines new innovations.  The inverted driver array gives optimum sound dispersion when the speaker is mounted high on a wall and the advanced bass radiator design ensures maximum low- frequency performance whilst keeping the speaker sealed against the elements in a weather tight seal.   

The AM-1 is designed to be easily installed on a cast aluminium wall bracket with a one-plug mounting system, with minimum wall projection and a design that allows the speaker to be angled through 220 degrees providing a discreet speaker and pristine sound. 

The AM-1 is also suitable for indoor use in bars, restaurants and public places.  Bowers and Wilkins have taken this into account when designing this versatile speaker, paying particular attention to the low frequencies and have engineered a carefully balanced speaker to take both indoor and outdoor applications into account.

The speaker comes in both black matte and white matte finishes and costs £680.00 a pair.