The Suite includes a completely redesigned stereo pair of wireless speakers (Formation Duo), a near 49” wide Soundbar (Formation Bar) for televisions, a 120° elliptical singular stereo speaker, which is the Zeppelin replacement, (Formation Wedge), a wireless preamp hub for connecting to existing systems (Formation Audio) and a wireless subwoofer to extend the bass of the whole series of products (Formation Bass).

The new series prides itself on its proprietary wireless mesh network design which always seeks the optimal path to route audio and data between products. It not only offers an incredibly low latency (approximately 0.00000001 second of delay between units!), the more products that are added to your network the stronger the network between products becomes.  In fact, Bowers & Wilkins have certified Formation products for High Network Availability (HiNA).  

The Formation products feature Apple® Airplay 2®, Spotify® Connect and Bluetooth aptX HD audio, and is Roon ready.

The vinyl enthusiast is also catered for.  Just use the Formation Audio’s analogue input to route the audio through to the Formation Suite. This allows you to play your records through the entire suite of products with minimal latency and without the need to run cables across the home.

The prices are as follows:-

  • Formation Duo – £3,499.99 (Stands optional at £699.99)
  • Formation Wedge - £899.99
  • Formation Bar - £999.99
  • Formation Bass - £899.99
  • Formation Audio - £599.99