Focusing on TVs for now, B&O have a small but fabulous range available, all based on the latest OLED technology. Whether it is a more modest 48-inch model for the bedroom, or a whopping 88-inch for the living room, what sets B&O apart from the mainstream manufacturers is their focus on the quality of final finish and customisation options available, all with that signature style we have become accustomed to from B&O.

One issue with so many mainstream TVs is the poor-quality audio (which is why most people end up buying a soundbar when choosing a new TV). This isn’t the case with B&O as the audio quality is simply fantastic as I am sure you would imagine. Happy with your current TV but not its sound? Well, B&O have produced their own soundbar called the Beosound Stage, which sounds as good as it looks.

So, if you are interested in a new TV or soundbar, give Grahams a call to discuss.