Nick Ellis is dedicated to the concept of “Song” and “Melody”. Some people call it folk, some just call it good old fashioned song craft. Currently based in Liverpool, Ellis blends streetscape narrative-noir with a classic British acoustic approach. Using a blend of rhythmic attack and finger-quick lucidity, his sound has been described as “a conversation between Elvis Costello and John Martyn.”

Speakers' Corner is the latest release from Ellis - his fourth in the space of three years, following the streetscape narrative-noir debut of Grace & Danger (April 2016) it’s surrealist-folk follow-up, Daylight Ghosts (November 2016) and Adult Fiction (November 2017) "a novel set to music".

Nick is a fabulous songwriter who deserves to be brought to the attention of a wider audience, we hope you enjoy checking out his material.

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And also check out this fantastic recent interview and a seletion of his songs at Music Musings and Such  https://www.musicmusingsandsuch.com/musicmusingsandsuch/2018/11/10/interview-nick-ellis?fbclid=IwAR1DC33y42fOTnjglTe6Il6seBnEkzlKxvZXIgVSZF-uZKnfkblCoVV5fh8