Telephone Systems

We offer a full range of telephone systems to suit you and your family's needs

About Telephone Systems

What is a telephone system, why install one and what are its benefits? 

In simple terms, a phone system will comprise a central processor (control box) that accepts a number of external incoming lines and routes them to a number of phones around the house.

Once the house is structurally wired, the installation of a phone system is straight forward and can provide many useful benefits such as:-

  • Integration with door entry - to allow you to answer the door from any phone in the house.
  • Intercom between rooms - also useful as a baby monitor!
  • Full paging through all phones - help track down the kids without having to shout up the stairs.
  • Access to multiple outside lines.
  • Automatic low cost routing - the system chooses the most cost effective route for your outside calls.

The latest phone systems are IP based which means they can route calls via the Internet and also provide remote access and are easier to expand.

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