Lighting Design & Control

Transform the look and feel of any space, inside and out, at the touch of a button.

About Lighting Design & Control

Grahams have been designing and installing lighting control systems for a number of years and are experts in getting the best from the latest LED lighting.

We first found the need to integrate with lighting as home cinema systems began to evolve, prompting us to combine all of the home cinema control functions into one easy-to-use interface. Increasingly, our clients delight at what we’d provided in their home cinema led to requests for us to provide and install whole house lighting control.

Benefits of Lighting Control

Whether you are looking to reduce energy costs, alter the look and feel of your home or increase security when you’re not at home. Using a lighting control system has a number of advantages.

  • Setting different 'scenes' of lighting at the touch of a single button. This provides a luxury feel to a room which is very difficult to achieve using 3 or 4 'rotary' dimmers.
  • Dim lights and areas from more than one location.
  • Prolonging bulb life by running the lamps more effectively.
  • Easier to install than regular multi-way light switching.
  • Allowing grouping of areas for whole house control.
  • Integration with touch screen systems.
  • Integration with security systems.
  • Advanced timer functions to allow different on and off settings whilst you are away.
  • Web interfaces that allowing remote access and control. as well as remote support from Grahams.
  • Timeclocks that operate at sunset and sunrise, changing automatically throughout the year.
  • Integration with smoke detectors to turn on lights in the case of smoke detection.

Whole house or single room?

We recommend and install Lutron Grafik Eye controllers for some of the smaller projects and Lutron Homeworks QS for the whole house solutions. Grahams are one of Lutron's first residential Elite dealers in the UK. Our Custom Installation staff are fully factory trained in system design and programming allowing us to offer first class support and services to our client base.


Each light in a home can be controlled from any keypad, providing instant access to all areas of the home and landscape. This eliminates the tedious task of setting the home lighting just right for daily activities, bedtime, or special occasions. There is a free iPad app which now allows you to change and store preset levels from your iPad or iPhone.

When most lights are off, one button on a keypad can create a 'path of light' to softly light the way to another room, allowing for late-night trips to the bathroom or kitchen without fumbling for switches in a dark hallway. And monitoring lighting in individual rooms or areas throughout a home requires no more than a quick glance at a keypad's discrete status LEDs.

Keypads come in a wide variety of styles and finishes. All are eventually engraved to show the function of each button.

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