Home Cinema

If you love watching films the best place to enjoy them is at home. On a Grahams Home Cinema System.

About Home Cinema

We believe a Home Cinema should have the same distinctive qualities as all the best music systems; the ability to draw you into what is happening and create an illusion of reality. Our home cinema systems are for those times when a true immersive experience counts for everything. Watching your favourite films. When gaming. Or simply listening to music.

While the quality of our entry level video projection is at an all time high, we have recently added a new projector to our range manufactured by Digital Projection International (DPI). DPI manufactures and distributes ultra high-performance DLP® reference standard projection systems for demanding commercial digital cinemas and is perfect for a high-end home cinema. The images are projected on to a DNP screen which uniquely hangs on two thin wires making it look like a large plasma screen. The screen retracts into the ceiling when not in use.

While the picture is of critical importance in any home cinema, the sound is equally important too. We carry a wide range of speaker options and each Home Cinema will be designed and tailor made to your requirements. Everything can be completely hidden if necessary without any limits on performance. 

Combined with controlled lighting, blinds and curtains we can create for you a breathtaking Home Cinema System that can be enjoyed by you and your family for many years to come. What's more, you don't have to queue for seats or put up with people behind you noisily unwrapping sweets in the middle of your favourite scenes!

If the thought of watching the latest films in the comfort of your own home appeals to you, then contact us for an honest and straightforward chat. You can also arrange with us a visit to our demo rooms where you can experience the latest in home cinema for yourself.

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