40 Years With Rega

Grahams has been a proud partner with Rega for the last 40 years and the last couple of years have been the busiest in memory with the introduction of many new models.
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In the past few years we have seen a resurgence of turntable sales as many people are rekindling their love for the warmth and quality of vinyl. 

Of over 6000 Rega turntables Grahams have supplied, many are still in use today which is a testament to the simplicity of good quality engineering with serviceable products which are built to last. The Rega range includes new versions of the Planar 1, Planar 2 and Planar 3, and as of this summer, the revolutionary Planar 6 which iscomplimented with the Neo TT-PSU (power supply), the Ania MC Cartridge, Fono MC phono stage and Altas tracking gauge. The RP8 and flagship RP10 continue to deliver the highest performance from the
Rega range.

The mid-priced Planar 6 (from £998) is the first new Rega Planar turntable to be constructed with an ultra-lightweight polyurethane foam core plinth, which is sandwiched between a high-pressure laminate that is exceptionally thin whilst extremely rigid. The matt grey finish provides a sophisticated look, it’s stunning.

Every Planar 6 comes with a dedicated Neo TT-PSU which is calibrated and matched to a new 24v motor with a Rega upgrade drive belt as standard. And it sounds very special, a notable upgrade on the outgoing RP6.

The Planar 6 has the option of being supplied with either the Rega Exact MM (moving magnet) or the brand new Rega Ania MC (moving coil) cartridge. The Ania is the lowest cost MC cartridge Rega produce. It is a balanced and dynamic sounding cartridge that will engage you with your vinyl like never before. The Ania is a perfect upgrade for the Planar 3 and a great partner for the Planar 6 or RP8 turntables.

Although Rega are best known for their turntables, they also produce phono pre-amplifiers, CD players, speakers and award-winning amplifiers, with the Brio Amplifier winning the What Hi-Fi 2017 award for “Product of the year” which is an exceptional achievement for this specialist manufacturer.

As audio systems have evolved, we are seeing fewer with integrated phono stages (despite the increasing popularity), particularly notable in integrated all-in-one systems. A range of separate Phono pre-amps is now more important for the end user than ever and this has not gone un-noticed at Rega. The Fono MC is the latest addition, although specifically designed to complement the latest Rega moving coils (such as the Ania), it is fully adjustable and can work with most other low output MC cartridges.

The final new product is a great accessory for any turntable user. The Atlas digital tracking force gauge is designed to be easy use, giving consistent and exceptionally accurate easurement of the tracking weight.

All products are now available.
Rega Planar 6 with Exact MM...£1,198
Rega Planar 6 with Ania MC.....£1,398
Rega Ania MC .......................£498
Rega Neo TT-PSU...................£225
Rega Fono MC ......................£248
Rega Atlas ...........................£175

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