Arcam AVR range and DIRAC

When Arcam launched their current range of Home Theatre amplifiers, the inclusion of immersive surround sound processing was expected but what raised eyebrows was the inclusion of the Dirac Live room correction suite.
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Not only has Arcam largely eschewed room correction software in the past but Dirac has previously only graced high-end processors costing many times more. We had experienced Dirac Live before, so we had a good idea of what the software is capable of.

Loudspeakers and room interaction inevitably introduce unwanted colouration to the sound during playback – colourations which are sometimes either difficult or impossible to remove using traditional electronics or room treatments. Dirac Live® is an advanced digital room correction technology that utilizes sophisticated analysis of the speakers and the room to correct these colorations, yielding astonishing improvements in sound quality.

This software will give your system a natural sound with increased musical and vocal clarity. It deepens the base, removes resonances and acoustic problems in your room. This is a seriously effective alternative to expensive room treatments and sound system upgrades.

As you would expect, Grahams have undertaken to make the best use of this feature on any installation delivering a superior home theatre experience. All our engineers have undertaken best practice training and refresher courses to understand the principles and applications of this technology for the most enjoyable sound.

The Dirac Live enabled home theatre range from Arcam consists of:

Please contact us for more information and to arrange a demonstration.

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