Spotify now with Linn DS

You can now stream directly from Spotify Premium to a Linn DS system.
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Linn have just released a software update to allow you to use Spotify Connect directly to your Linn DS music player.  This works only with Spotify Premium and Spotify Family which are their higher quality subscription services.  Whilst the best quality currently available from Spotify is only MP3 320, a long way short of high resolution audio, this new feature is something we know many of our customers will be pleased to have available on their Linn DS players.

The feature requires a software update to your Linn DS player(s) which a number of you may be happy to do yourself, however many of our clients will prefer us to organise this for them and we may even be able to do this remotely depending on your installation. Please contact us if you would prefer this.  

If you want to do it yourself you will require the Linn Konfig software which can be downloaded here if you don’t have it already.  Once you have this load it up and use the ‘Update‘ tab, which will show you what Linn devices you have available on your network to update. Simply click on the Update button to the right of your DS or DSM and it will begin the update.  Please make sure to not turn off the power to your DS or DSM whilst this update is done.  It is important to note that keeping your Linn DS up-to-date goes hand-in-hand with updating the Linn app on your iPad. 

Further information can be found on the Linn website by clicking here.

Linn have done a little video you can download here to show you how to use the app on your phone/ipad

If you are using Spotify on your laptop/computer, take the following steps:

  1. Select the music you wish to play through your Linn DS device.
  2. Click the icon next to the volume control in the spotify app. A list of available devices should appear.
  3. Select the Linn DS device you wish to connect to.
  4. Once selected, a green bar should appear at the bottom of the screen. This indicates that the connection has been made.

If you are using the spotify app on your smart phone, take the following steps.

  1. Select the music you wish to play through your Linn DS device.
  2. Press the "now playing" bar at the bottom of the screen, which displays the current track.
  3. A new creen shall appear, with a "devices available" display at the bottom of the screen. Touch these words and a list should appear. This list shows the available devices.             
  4. Select the device you wish to play through.                                
  5. Once you have done this, it should take you back to the "now playing" screen, and the device you are chose should be highlighted in green at the bottom, replacing "devices available. This indicates that spotify is now playing through the device.               

There are other pieces of hardware/software, such as Linn Kazoo, which can control spotify when it is playing through your Linn DS system, however you can only browse music on the spotify app on your phone or computer. 


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